D3 Pharma

Welcome to D3 Pharma

D3 Pharma is a privately owned specialty pharmaceutical company based in the United Kingdom.

It is committed to the research, development and commercialisation of licensed high-strength vitamin D medicinal products for the treatment of vitamin D deficiency, insufficiency and associated conditions.

D3 Pharma’s pioneering work in the vitamin D deficiency area aims to address a significant unmet need and improve product access in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Our goal is to provide physicians, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals with high-quality, high-strength, clinically effective vitamin D3 products that can be used to provide rapid repletion and maintenance of vitamin D levels in both children and adults.



23 April 2015
Auden Mckenzie announces new low trade prices for Plenachol® Capsules effective 1st May 2015. For further information contact:

18 April 2015
Plenachol® capsules attain full Halal and Kosher Certification

21 November 2014
Plenachol® 20 000 IU Capsules & Plenachol® 40 000 IU Capsules

MHRA grants D3 Pharma's development partner, Auden Mckenzie Ltd, Marketing Authorisations (licences) for the Medicinal products:

Plenachol® 20 000 IU Capsules
(PL 17507/0226)
Plenachol® 40 000 IU Capsules 
(PL 17507/0227)